How To Decorate Your Fireplace This Winter

Published by Centreline Fires on Thursday, December 17th, 2020 at 9:50 am.

Just like your kitchen, the living space is the heart of the home, especially during the holiday season. As well as decking the halls, making sure your fireplace is looking festive and colourful is just as important. Enhance your mantelpiece/fireplace this Christmas with our colourful and unique mantel ideas. For a festive look, decorate your mantel with a garland and stockings, or candle holders and a Christmas Worthing court, ensuring they complement the colour of your Christmas tree decorations and your living room perfectly.

The living area is where most people spend their time over the Christmas period, whether that is getting home from a hectic last-minute gift shopping trip or winding down and spending quality time with family members around the fireplace. Therefore, much like the tree itself, the mental piece is a focal point of the home. That’s why, this year more than ever, it’s important for you to showcase your living space in all its glory.

Making sure the colour scheme is matching your tree is certainly possible when having the right attention to detail. Below are a few decorating ideas and ways in which you can put up your decorations this Christmas and sleigh your way through the Festive season.

A fireplace decorated for christmas

Bringing the Outside, In

Considering the situation surrounding COVID-19 it might be difficult for people to get away this festive season. However, this should not stop you from having a holiday from home. Why not turn your mantelpieces into a lodge theme fireplace? Choose from one of our classic Log Burner Fires and create a warm feeling by decorating with nature feel wreaths and place candlesticks on either end of the mantel. You can also create this classic festival feel by purchasing a real, freshly grown tree as opposed to a synthetic on, to emphasis that warm, homely feel. Bringing the outside feels, Inside (minus the winter weather).

Lights Galore

With the short days and dark nights, it’s important to implement light into your DIY projects. Why not decorate your mantel with a few pinecones and branches, before entwining them within your lights to create a cosy atmosphere?

Personal Touch

Christmas is the season for bringing everyone together, therefore by having some more personal touches in your own home is even more impressive. Don’t be afraid to add DIY decorations.  Why not try hanging your own personalised family stockings along the fireplace to create a homely atmosphere? Or place ornaments on the fireplace mantel, whether it be passed down from a previous family member something that has been a tradition for years? By including a traditional bow or star, makes it more meaningful and personal. At Centreline, we offer a range of Electric fires which will best suit you and your living space.

Here are some ideas on how to decorate our different types of Fireplaces:

Our extensive range of Electric Fire

Electric Fires

provides a variety of different looks and finishing’s. These include built into the wall fireplaces as well as ground fireplaces. The Fireplaces which are situated on the ground and fitted can have decorations placed around the mantel place, whether these be faux greenery wreaths, lights, or stockings. However, our built into the wall fireplaces have a shelf in front of the fire. This way you can decorate the front of the mantelpiece and place your best-looking ornaments, lights, or decorations on show for all to see, as the fireplace can be the main features of the living space, during the festive season.

Wood Burning Stoves

We have a range of Wood Burning Stoves to suit everyone. Our stoves come in different shapes and sizes, this way you can find one that best suits you and your home. Our built into the wall Wood Burning Stoves create a silk and finished look, leaving you room to decorate the surrounding ground area or wall space above the fire, including hanging stockings or wreaths. Depending on whether you have a ledge below your fireplace, you can arrange ornaments on the shelves.

firepalce 1

Match the Decs

It is important to make sure that you have the correct colour scheme of decorations in the house, from the colour of the lights to the coloured ornaments on the tree to ensure your fireplace is visually interesting. The traditional colours to use for decorations surrounding the festive season are Green, Red, Gold and White. Using complementary colours including white and silver, blue and silver, gold or just plain white. However, this does not mean including other colours into your decorations colour scheme is wrong, it’s your Christmas do what makes you feel your most festive best.  Maybe try something more modern and bring in colours of black and white.

Below are a list of the main colours and reason why they are so significant during the Christmas period.


Plants including Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe have been used for years to decorate buildings, as we experience the long dark winter nights. The Romans would exchange evergreen plants throughout January, as this would be a sign of good luck.


The use of Red at Christmas has connections to the apples on the ‘Paradise Tree’. Red – the colour of Holly berries, in connection with the colour Green as well. The colour of Santa’s coat came from the colour of robes Bishops would wear, which was Red.


Gold surrounds the connotation of light – which is very important during the winter season as we do not see much of it, due to shorter days and dark, early nights. Gold is also the main colour of fire, as well as Red, which keeps you warm.


White – the colour of purity and peace. As well as the obvious reason…snow being white. White is also the main colour used to decorate most churches.

fireplace 2


How do I decorate my mantel for winter?

Using natural elements such as wreaths, a Worthing court or garlands and implementing pinecones, lights and Christmas smells all create a warm, traditional Christmas feel that can really emphasise your fire mantel.

What can I put my mantel for Christmas?

Lights, lights, and more lights enhance the colour of your fire and draw people’s eyes to this focal point of your living space. If adding a wreath is not your style, you can always add candles, candlesticks/holders and Christmas themed decorations to create the same Christmas feel without the greenery.

How to hang a garland across a mantle?

Most garland can easily be placed on top of the mantle and simply secured in place by accompanying Christmas ornaments such as pinecones, bows and candles.

However, if your garland is heavy and won’t stay in place try attaching clear, removable hooks to your mantle and use fishing wire to securely attach your garland.

How to decorate your mantle all year round?

Keeping your fireplace, the centrepiece of your living area isn’t only for Christmas, remaining attractive and eye-catching all year round is important. This can be achieved by adding plants, vases of flowers or more subtly with candles and picture frames of loved ones.

What looks good on a mantle?

Making your mantle a reflection of your home is the best way to ensure your fireplace is always the centre of attention. Complement your décor by complying with your colour scheme throughout, this can be done in small ways matching candles holders or small decorations, or largely through bright vases and flowers. Adding a focal point such a centre clock or photo frames is also recommended.

How To Decorate Your Fireplace This Winter