How To Choose A Fireplace That Is Right For You

Published by Centreline Fires on Friday, January 29th, 2021 at 4:12 pm.

How to choose a fireplace that is right for you

Traditional interior design for years has revolved around the fitting and use of a fit for purpose fireplace. Yet, through recent adoption of both gas and electric fireplaces, we’re seeing the traditional being turned into modern takes or even upcycled designs.

A fireplace offers more than just sources of heat and relaxing atmospheres. It’s commonly a focal point for any room, offering alignment, offering functional zones, and offering an element of design. Yet, to achieve such a focal point, choosing the right fireplace, for its place in your home is very important.

While once traditional cast iron, period designs and wood-burning fireplaces filled homes across the UK, we’re now seeing the revival of fireplaces, boasting modern, wall-mounted and electric creations. Through such a range, it can be difficult to pick a fireplace that works to your budget, your style and your usability needs.

To avoid a regretful purchase, here’s how to choose a fireplace that is right for you, along with our services here at Centreline Fires. Set the tone of your room by choosing either a futuristic, standout or a cosy feel fireplace.

A fireplace’s place in your home

Before buying and installing a new fireplace, it’s important to think about the home for it. You should consider factors such as the space that you have, whether a fireplace will elevate the design of your interior, and whether you’ll actually use your fireplace.

While this may seem like common sense, many individuals aim to install a fireplace without considering the logistics behind it. There’s so much more to simply selecting a fireplace for its design, and hoping that it will fit into your space, ambience and aesthetics.

Once you’re set on the investment of a fireplace, it’s time to pick one that will act as a strong focal point, either bringing your existing furnishings and accessories together or setting the tone for a new space.

Here are some tips on how to choose a fireplace that is right for you.


How to choose a fireplace that is right for you

From the operations of a fireplace to its cost, to the way that it looks, there’s so much to consider before selecting yours.

Gas, electric or a wood-burning fireplace

Choosing between a gas, electric or a wood-burning fireplace can be difficult, especially if you lack awareness around their functionality.

To offer some guidance, ultimately, if you’re looking for the most efficient source of heat, an electric fireplace will be recommended. This will also be the case if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option. Yet, if you’re hoping to heat up a large space, a gas fireplace will be advised, as the heat outsource of a gas fire doubles the offering of an electric.

It’s also vital to weigh up the maintenance of each option, where wood-burning fireplaces reasonably require ongoing input. So, if you’re purely looking for a low-maintenance, warm space, selecting between either a gas or electric option will be best. Usually, the winner here will be indicated through running costs, which you’ll personally need to gauge when considering electricity meters/gas costs.


Adding into the above point, helping to choose a fireplace that is right for you, you should consider your budget. Fireplaces now come in all shapes and sizes, different finishes, varying materials and with wavering functions.

In most cases, you will have narrowed down your selection between a gas or electric fireplace at this point, usually down to running costs. Yet now you must consider the sales price and the installation costs, making sure it’s viable.

We fully promote the installation of a fireplace for its design. Yet, it’s also important that its quality will fit into your existing interior design standards.


Style is one of the hardest parts of choosing a fireplace that is right for you. Of course, you know your own style. Yet even the most designed orientated people can struggle, as styles can deviate through traditions, through colour, through shape and use of material, and through visual appeal.

Starting off with traditional fireplaces, there is a wide range to choose from, helping to fit into an older property or a renovated space. Open fireplaces are usually the most popular selection, with a period styled surround. Yet, as we’re all shopping with environmental concern in mind, you can increase the efficiency of a traditional fireplace by installing a class 1 full depth gas fire, accompanied by a class 1 chimney.

To choose a modern fireplace that is right for your property, there is again a wide range to consider. The definition of modern, for fireplaces, has transformed from simplistic design to wall-mounted, immersive-like aesthetics. Marble hearths, crystal fuel beds, interior show lights, and ‘hole in the wall’ fireplaces are now becoming much more than a heat source, by providing inspiration and structure for interior design. The technology behind contemporary fireplaces has also changed, where you can consider remote control, HD flame effects and LED technology.

Ultimately, if you’re wondering how to choose a fireplace that is right for you when considering design, it’s wise to look at the colours, period, textures and flow of your existing foundations, along with how tech-savvy you are.


How often will you be using your fireplace? Is it merely there for visual appeal? Or will you be using it as a heat source? This can help you justify the price of your chosen fireplace, as quality will need to be greater for a consistently used fireplace.


Our services at Centreline Fires

If you’re looking for guidance when choosing a fireplace that is right for you, we can assist here at Centreline Fires, standing as both gas and electric fireplace specialists. Working around your needs, we can help you select from a range of fireplaces, along with fulfilling your installation.

Not only do we consider the efficiency and functionality of your fireplace, but we will also help you select the right fireplace to compliment your home, offer sought-after technical features, such as HD LED technology and flame effect colours, and also offer bespoke design services, for traditional and contemporary styles.

If you’re still wondering how to choose a fireplace that is right for you, make an enquiry today to collaborate with our specialist team, helloing to turn a heat source into a visibly appealing feature.