How To Create The Perfect Media Wall With A Fireplace

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Media walls are one of the most recent, hot interior design trends to take domestic properties by storm. Helping to modernise a room and to make good use of a space, they are designed by wall mounting and elevating various entertainment systems.

Offering a focal point to a living space or bedroom, along with delivering a practical form of storage, electric fireplaces can also be installed to make the perfect media wall.

Visually appealing, tidy, and architecturally sound, the perfect media wall with a fireplace can help to set the tone of a room, increase comfort, and help to balance a space out. Also, possible to install custom-made storage solutions, a media wall can be a practical addition to any household.

Here’s how to create the perfect media wall with a fireplace, from its design, planning and build. At Centreline Fires, we offer bespoke media walls by also installing our high-quality gas and electric fires.

Check out our media wall calculator for more of an idea of our services and costs.


Steps To Creating The Perfect Media Wall With A Fireplace

Before getting started with the creative side of designing a media wall, it’s important to consider the practicalities of your vision. It’s also essential to think about the planning and installation of your media wall, as both the build and set-up should be completed by professionals.

Whilst the installation of stud walls may be something that you’ve previously completed in your home, installing both entertainment systems and fireplaces will be a job for a qualified electrician. It’s important for a media wall to be safe and secure for use, along with functional.

Here’s some insight into how to create the perfect media wall with a fireplace, running through the design, planning and build phases.


Designing Your Media Wall

The first step of creating a media wall will be its design. Most are bespoke, designed to fit the interior of a room and to perfectly centre a space. The design of your media wall should be both aesthetically pleasing, and structurally safe and suitable.

Media walls can now be installed in many different styles. Some customers will opt for a media wall to home their TV and entertainment systems, to either sit flush against the wall or through a sunken style. Others will also install a compatible electric fire for a contemporary, sleek, and modern look, helping to elevate the practicality of design.

Considering your personal needs at this point is very important, as the planning stage will follow, helping to piece together the perfect media wall. Your design aims, space, budget, expected features and vision should be considered, helping to create the perfect media wall with a fireplace.


Planning Your Media Wall

Planning is the next step, which brings together your ideas and measures them for their practicality. Everything from your chosen materials and their cost to the dimensions of your media wall will be evaluated.

It’s essential to have enough space in your room to install a stud chimney breast. Although structures can be narrow, the frame for the media wall will need to be sturdy, stable, and strong enough to hold.

Once the structure has been signed off, it’s also essential to plan the dynamic of your media wall. You should consider the type of entertainment systems that you’ll have installed, and whether you’re looking to also fit audio-visual features, light settings, and DVD/game consoles.

The planning step will also be the point to select a compatible fireplace and to make sure that enough space has been set aside for its installation. A full electric fireplace suite can be installed, LED flame features can also be added, or gas fire can be included.

With planning, the perfect media wall with a fireplace can be created.


Building Your Media Wall

The final step of the process will be the build. Essential for professionals to complete, your media wall ideas can be turned into reality.

The process of building a media wall in your home can be quick, especially if a thorough plan has been created beforehand. With professional input, the process can also be eased by selecting the best combination of media wall, entertainment systems and fireplaces possible.

The build will include a wooden stud frame, the installation of electrical systems and fireplaces in their right position, and the connection of wires. All can be tucked away behind the wall, offering a seamless finish, placing full attention on the focal point.


Bespoke Media Walls At Centreline Fires

At Centreline Fires, we specialise in offering high-quality fireplaces, acting as both a source of heat and a stunning design feature. With such popularity around media walls, we now also specialise in designing, planning, and building fully integrated structures, inclusive of our fireplaces.

A fully bespoke media wall can be created with our specialist team, with a wide range of styles and fireplaces to select from. Considering your existing interior style and the flow of your room, we will not only create a visually appealing focal point, but also a practical design with longevity in mind.

Contact our team to begin the design process or for more tips on how to create the perfect media wall with a fireplace. Alternatively, head over to our media wall calculator to begin to plan for your design. With over 30 years of experience, we’re here to offer credible advice on electric and gas fireplaces, along with their design features.


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