Could you save on energy by switching to log burners?

Published by Centreline Fires on Thursday, April 21st, 2022 at 10:29 am.

With the energy prices rocketing and the cost-of-living crisis, more people are looking for ways to heat their homes besides gas and electric heating.

To save on household energy prices, people are turning to log burners for their heating needs, with 200,000 new installations a year. Log burners can help you reduce your electricity bills alongside being an attractive interior design choice.

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How Eco-Friendly Are Log Burners?

There is a debate on how eco-friendly log burners are.

Log burners are carbon neutral as wood is a carbon-neutral energy source. The carbon dioxide wood has absorbed through its life cycle is released back into the atmosphere when burned, meaning no more CO2 is added.

Despite this, log burners can be harmful due to the particulate matter (PM2.5) they produce. As of 2022, all new log burners must be SIA approved Ecodesign and now log burners reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to an open fireplace.

Considering these new changes to legislation and standards, some experts are still not convinced. They claim that log burners are still a huge source of pollution and allegedly emit 750 times more pollution than an HGV.

Regardless of all the debate a correctly installed and maintained Ecodesign wood burning stove, using high-quality dry wood, is a low carbon heating process that makes use of renewable and sustainable fuel.


What are the Pros and Cons of Log Burners?

Before going out and buying a wood burner, it’s handy to know the upsides and downsides to them.


Log burners look great in a living room, bringing a cosy and warm feeling to the space. They can act as the focus of the room and often add a rustic or modern edge to your room as our Barbas wood burning fires do. As quite a substantial addition to a house, log burners tend to increase the value of the house compared to a standard gas or electric fire.

Save on Heating Bills

A log burner will save you money on your energy bills. They provide a spot of heating in the room, lifting the burden off your central heating that contributes to your gas and electricity bill. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a log burner can contribute 10% of the heating needs in the average home, so over time these savings will add up. Log burners are especially useful in spring and early autumn when it might still get cold in the evening, so you can stay nice and cosy without having to turn on the heating in every room of the house.

More Control

With a log burner you can have more control over how quickly and efficiently a fire inside the stove is burning, thus controlling how much heat is being generated. Having greater heating efficiency will again cut down on your heating bill. Open fires can’t be controlled as well due to airflow, making them inefficient compared to log burners.


The upfront costs for a log burner can seem a little expensive. Alongside the burner, the installation will set you back, so it is wise to be sure you are secure with your personal finance before purchasing. Despite this, you will likely recuperate the costs over the years due to being able to save money on your household energy prices

The Know-How

To get the most efficiency out of a log burner, you need to know the basics. If you’re not using it the right way then it can lead to low heat output. You need to make sure you know hot operate the air vents, how much fuel you need to add and the right type of fuel to use.


It may seem obvious but a log burner can get very hot. Log burners are designed to absorb as much heat from the fire and radiate out to the room. Young children and pets might burn themselves on the log burner but you can buy a screen to decrease the chance of these types of accidents. Compared to an open fireplace though, log burners are much safer.


How Much Does a Wood Burner Cost to Install?

The installation of wood burner stoves costs, on average, £2000 alongside an average cost of £950 for the stove.

The overall cost will depend on factors such as the size, complexity of the installation and the stove material. If the stove is being positioned where an existing fireplace and chimney are then the job will be a lot simpler and cost a lot less. If a new fireplace and hearth must be installed to accommodate the wood burner then this can add on up to a grand in the installation cost.

If you don’t have a chimney and need to install a chimney flue then this will add more cost on top of the original installation. It may be an additional £2000 or so.

Wood burner installation costs are usually more than other forms of heating systems, like gas fires, but as stated before can save you on fuel costs down the line.


How Much are Log Burner Running Costs?

After installation, fuel will be your main running cost. In the UK, some urban areas are smoke control areas where only certain fuel types are allowed. You need to be aware of that before making any purchases to avoid fines.

A major benefit of log burners is that you can collect wood. It’s important to note that the wood needs to be dried out to burn efficiently and this can take two or more years. Burning wet wood is not eco-friendly or efficient and the sale of it is now banned. If you have good storage space though, this is a great long-term option that costs nothing and all different types of wood can be stored for burning.

According to the SIA (Stove Industry Alliance), one cubic metre of kiln dried logs costs between £120 and £140. These types of logs are more economical than season logs and a cubic metre contains around 300 logs. When it comes to fuel like this, the cheapest option is to buy in bulk as opposed to purchasing as you need it.

Besides fuel costs, maintenance is the other major running cost. Paying for an annual clean of your flue will make sure it doesn’t become blocked and become inefficient, unable to heat your home effectively. A clean shouldn’t cost any more than £100.


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It’s clear that wood-burning stoves save money on electricity bills and are a great option for your heating needs. If you want to save on your household energy prices and are interested in knowing more contact us at Centreline Fires today for more information on our fantastic selection of contemporary log burners and much more.

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