What Eco 2022 is and how it benefits the enviroment

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With the worsening climate situation, it is important to be more eco-friendly in everyday life. Making more use of public transportation, abandoning plastic bags for longer-term options, reducing food waste, and not purchasing fast fashion items are steps you can take to limit your negative impact on the planet.

A major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions is home energy. With increased awareness and the cost-of-living crisis, more people are turning to alternative ways to heat their homes, besides your typical electric and gas fires. Log burners and wood-burning stoves are available options. In the past, these products have been accused of being bad for the environment, but now they must follow certain rules and regulations due to the Ecodesign 2022.

Because of Ecodesign 2022, you now have the chance to add a fantastic heating feature to your home whilst remaining environmentally conscious.

Centreline Fires can help you with this and provide excellent products and installations all over the North West and North Wales. Check out the gallery on the site to see the sort of work we can do.


What is Ecodesign 2022?

Ecodesign 2022 is the stove industry’s response to the Clean Air Strategy proposed by DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs). Due to the growing concern about climate change, Ecodesign stoves are now the norm when purchasing a wood-burning stove or log burner. By tackling stove efficiency, reducing pollution and improving air quality the wider public can invest in an alternative source of energy for their heating needs and cope with rising energy costs – whilst reducing their carbon footprint.


The Key Areas of Ecodesign 2022

For log burners to be deemed eco design compliant, they now must meet several criteria. With stoves around the country being made to this standard, owners of log burners can become more efficient in their energy consumption and home energy use.


Improving the Efficiency of Stoves

Improving the efficiency of a stove means that it needs less fuel and energy to produce the heat you need to warm your home. A more efficient stove also releases fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The minimum efficiency must now be 80%, compared to the 60% it used to be.


Lowering Emissions

Ecodesign stoves now must produce less harmful emissions. To be deemed Eco Design Ready, stoves must show they achieve lower emissions of Particulate Matter, Nitrogen Oxide, Carbon Monoxide and Organic Gaseous Compounds. Stove Industry Alliance tests have shown that newer wood-burning stoves reduce particulate emissions by 90% compared to open fires and 80-84% compared to a stove that is at least ten years old.


Limit the Sale of Polluting Fuels

Wood is a carbon-neutral, renewable energy source that is a long-term option and sustainable. Unfortunately, wet logs are inefficient and harmful to the environment. Improving fuel standards and reducing the sale of bad fuels will help log burner owners become more eco-friendly.


Updating Legislation around Smoke Control Areas

While Smoke Control Areas already exist, their management is different depending on the council in charge of that area. To implement more effective environmental resolutions across the country, the government is devising a more consistent national strategy and giving local councils greater power to enact legislation. Only through more cooperation can great change come about.


How to Make Sure Your Ecodesign Log Burner is Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

There’s no debate that wood burning stoves are fuel-efficient but there are still ways to reduce their negative environmental impact. If you have bought an Ecodesign stove, there are some things you can do to reduce the pollution it will produce.


Clean and Maintain Your Stove

To make sure that your wood-burning stove is as efficient as it can be, it needs to be in good condition. A clogged-up flue from sooty deposits will mean that your stove is not burning efficiently, needing more fuel to work to reach the temperature it needs to be. It can also stop smoke from escaping and becoming a fire hazard. Paying for an annual clean and maintenance will ensure you are getting the most out of your log burner and be more eco-friendly.


Know How to Burn Your Stove Well

Whilst an Ecodesign stove provides you with the tools to be more energy-saving, it’s up to you to master it. Understanding how to work the air vents and controlling air flow to fire will have you burning it more efficiently and stopping it from smoking more and producing more harmful carbon emissions.


Use the Correct Wood

Burning dry wood instead of wet logs is far more efficient and healthier for the environment. Wet wood produces more emissions, needs more energy to burn off the moisture and leaves more sooty deposits in the flue. Burning wet logs is that bad in fact that the sale of them is now prohibited.


Burn Smokeless Fuel

If you are in a Smoke Control Area you may have to burn smokeless fuel. Burning smokeless coal with less than 2% sulphur is recommended as high levels of sulphur can damage your chimney and even have a bad effect on your health. The Ready to Burn logo appears on any packaging for solid fuel it meets the new standards, so look out for it when purchasing smokeless fuel.


How We Can Help at Centreline Fires

At Centreline, we can help you find the right log burner that is environmentally conscious and energy efficient.

Our range of Barbas Wood Burning Fires are custom made so they can be designed to your specifications. Manually produced, these products produce a good amount of heat and burn perfectly with a high efficiency rate. The ACR Stoves we have available are also fantastic looking, equipped with the latest stove technology so that you have greater control to attain the most efficient burn. All the ACR stoves surpass 80% efficiency and produce more than enough kW to heat the room.

Besides helping you become more eco-friendly with an Ecodesign stove, we as a business are committed to improving our carbon footprint. Plant a tree initiatives provide a way to give back to the environment and sustainably use wood for fuel. To ensure the cycle of nature is more balanced it is important to be aware of how you can help – especially now when the planet needs it most.


Contact Centreline Today

Ecodesign is a positive step towards being eco-friendly and log burners can contribute to a healthier environment. They can help you save on energy and become a long-term solution to rising energy prices.

If you are interested in knowing more, then contact us at Centreline Fires today for more info on our wide selection of contemporary log burners and other Ecodesign ready products.

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