How Much Does a Media Wall Cost?

Published by Centreline Fires on Friday, January 27th, 2023 at 2:06 pm.

A media wall can look fantastic in both modern and older homes, and lots of people are making them a focal point for their living space in 2023. Read our guide to choosing the best media wall to suit you and your family.

What is a Media Wall and Why Should I Consider One for my Home?

Imagine bringing together your TV, audio equipment and fireplace into one centrepiece: that’s a media wall.

People’s reasons for choosing a media wall (also known as a feature wall) vary. Some want to create a visually appealing focal point. Media walls can make a room tidier and sleeker – no more electronic devices cluttering up multiple walls; everything is grouped together. And if you’re into home improvement and want to instantly update your home, a media wall can work wonders.

Media walls are great for space saving; you can even add shelving to house books to create a minimal and clutter-free look. There are plenty of media wall designs to choose from.

The most common place for a media wall is in your main living space, so either a lounge, sitting room or open plan larger living area, but the possibilities are endless. They can be installed in kitchens, playrooms, and even bedrooms, as long as it’s practical and there’s space.

If you’re thinking about buying a new fireplace, media walls are the ideal choice. They look cosy, adding a warm glow to your home. Electric fires are perfect as they’re very energy efficient and save costs on central heating, and you don’t need a chimney breast.

Our showroom stocks a range of fires with many having colour-changing, flickering flames to add ambience and cosiness.

How Much Do Media Walls Cost?

Prices vary depending on what you want and range from budget options to a more detailed set-up. There are lots of factors to take into consideration to find a true cost such as the media wall surround, the size and quality of your TV and the type of fireplace if you want one.

Prices start from around £1500 but hit £3500 for higher-end bespoke media wall projects. It’s a good idea to decide on your budget before you plan your media wall. With so many options it’s easy to get carried away and plan a design in your head without understanding the full cost.

Consider Your Wall

A media wall often needs a purpose-built stud wall – a specially constructed internal wall in your home to house your electrical items and display them in a visually pleasing way. Aside from your electrical items, you will need to pay for plasterboard, electrical work and skirting boards. Think of these as a frame to showcase your equipment. Prices vary but it could cost up to £70 per square metre.

Consider the wall where you want to create your media wall – it may need reinforcements or a false, stud wall creation if it’s in a tricky place. False walls need to be constructed from scratch out of wood and plasterboard, so this is another cost to bear in mind.

Various tradespeople will come together to create your chosen wall: a carpenter or highly skilled handyman to install the false wall or reinforce an existing one, and an electrician for any electrical work.

Thinking about how many electrical devices you want to plug in will help you decide the number of plugs you need. The plugs can either be hidden or on show, it’s down to personal choice. It’s a good idea to choose a slightly larger space in your media wall to house your TV. People often upgrade their TV to larger models over time so make sure you leave enough room for future upgrades.

Can a Media Wall Match My Interiors?

Yes. Media walls are made to complement your current tastes and design styles. If your home is modern and minimal, you can choose a media wall to match by using sleek and minimalist surrounds. For a more traditional home, various tiling effects such as natural stone and brick can be used to create a more rustic and low-key look. Continue the effect with your chosen shelving and existing electronic equipment and you’ll have a centrepiece that enhances your current aesthetic.

What is the Depth of a Media Wall?

Remember that media walls should ideally hide electrical wires so you have a stylish and appealing space. With that in mind, you will need a depth of between 20 to 24 inches. A larger living space is perfect for a media wall. If you have a small lounge or sitting room, media walls aren’t ideal. We can however talk you through your options to find a design that will suit your needs.

Calculate the Cost of Your Media Wall

We’ve developed a handy media wall calculator to help you work out the cost of your media wall. It’s useful because it helps you stick to your budget and experiment by swapping lower cost with higher cost options.

First, select your chosen wall. Prices range from £750 to £1700 so there is something to suit all budgets. You then select any extras you want such as a sound bar, log storage, spotlights and sockets before choosing your fireplace.

There are lots of fireplaces to choose from in many styles and sizes. Read the descriptions before selecting or contact us and we’ll talk you through them.

Get in Touch to Get a Media Wall Today

At Centreline Fires our skilled team has created hundreds of media walls in homes across the North West. We offer consultations in your own home, as well as design, supply and install the whole package meaning you don’t have to source multiple tradespeople.

Our team will plan and draw your media wall, providing you with various options to help you visualise what it will look like in your home. You can spark your imagination by visiting our showroom to check out our huge range of media walls. We’ll advise you about the best media wall for your home and we’ll carefully consider the size of your living space, your personal style, the type of home you live in and your budget.

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